Diabetes and Nutrition Wellness

Nutritional Wellness Services in North Central Pennsylvania

Penn Highlands Healthcare provides diabetes management and nutrition therapy to people of all ages, whether newly diagnosed with diabetes, uncontrolled diabetes, pregnancy with pre-existing diabetes, gestational diabetes as well as those who need general medical nutrition therapy. Our specialists also help educate and counsel patients on disease prevention, management and ongoing nutrition guidelines. Whether you have diabetes or conditions such as hypertension, celiac disease, weight management or an eating disorder, the diabetes and nutrition services at Penn Highlands Healthcare are equipped to provide you with top-quality care.

Why Choose Penn Highlands Healthcare for Nutrition Counseling

Our nutrition specialists will teach you how to read food labels, understand carbohydrates and map out meal plans, plus provide you with recipes that are easy, healthy and tasty. We are happy to answer your questions and guide you on your journey to good health.



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