Denise Fry - July 2015 Employee of the Month

at PH DuBois

August 28, 2015

Denise Fry

Denise Fry, coordinator in the Patient Transfer Center, has been named Employee of the Month for July 2015 at Penn Highlands DuBois.

Denise works night shift in the Transfer Center where she is responsible for receiving calls from outlying facilities in regard to transfers. She works with the referring physicians to connect them to the right PH DuBois physician for recommendations and transfers. She monitors calls and places patients in the appropriate unit, and she relays information back to a transferring facility. Denise also coordinates discharges and room changes and updates patient records. 

In order to help close a staffing gap, her work area is located outside of the Maternity Unit to also help patients and visitors. “I also take expectant mothers into triage and assist them to their room and to get ready for the RN,” Denise said. “On the Sunday to Thursday night shifts, I also put all OR (operating room) charts together for that morning when Short Stay Procedure Unit receptionist comes in.”

Denise started working at Penn Highlands DuBois in September 1989 as a unit secretary in the Emergency Department and other medical/surgical units as needed. From there, she became the staffing coordinator until accepting her current position on March 30, 2014.

She has her associate’s degree in liberal arts from Penn State and is a certified nurse aide. She attended Penn State DuBois and the Clearfield Career and Technology Center.

“Denise frequently jokes that she started here on a temporary basis to help out her growing family and farm,” Jessica Spencer, director of the Patient Transfer Center and Patient Transport, said. “That was 25 years ago! Fortunately for us, she found she really enjoyed the hospital, patients and associates.”

“I’m a people person,” Denise said. “I love to interact with patients and their families. I have become acquainted with many people of different skill levels from other departments at other facilities and like the fact we can talk with receptionists and physicians with respect and friendliness alike.”

“When working with maternity patients’ families,” she said, “I want them to feel like they too are important in the process that is happening. I like to give the kids stickers, paper, pencils or crayons to pass the time. And most of the time, grandparents-to-be just need a good cup of coffee and someone to talk to.”

“Her dedication to our organization, patients, families and associates always shines through,” Jessica said. She listed a few examples: Denise keeps a stash of stickers for disgruntled big brothers and sisters, and she makes coffee for tired families in the waiting area.  During a snowstorm, she stayed to help close a gap on second shift and has covered for those who have been ill or having a family crisis. “She looks out for everyone in our department,” she added. “She will also give me a heads-up of any situations I may not be aware of. Her work ethic and caring attitude are great examples for everyone in this organization.”

Denise lives in Goshen Township on a farm with her husband, Dave, and mother-in-law, Louise. She has two daughters, Valerie McCracken, who is married to Craig McCracken, and Christine Rowles, who is married to Shane Rowles. She also has five grandchildren, Jaret, 16; Jordan, 12; Megan, 12; Chloe, 10; and Jill, 4.