PH Elk Announces Plan to Maximize Safety By Centralizing Outpatient Surgery to One Location

Penn Highlands Elk will begin transitioning outpatient surgeries and pain procedures from Penn Highlands Elk Surgery Center to the hospital. The expected completion date of this transition is May 4, 2020.

This change comes as a part of Penn Highlands Healthcare’s dedicated focus on quality and safety. “This change, like all of our initiatives, is being implemented to achieve our mission to offer exceptional care at Penn Highlands Elk,” said Brad Chapman, President of Penn Highlands Elk. “The hospital has the capacity and expertise to deliver all surgical cases and pain procedures under one roof.”

In 2019, Penn Highlands Elk welcomed two full-time general surgeons, Dr. Michael Felix and Dr. Habib Zubair. In addition, Dr. Keith Zeliger started performing orthopedic surgery at the hospital full-time. Beginning in the fall, Penn Highlands Elk will also offer colorectal surgery. Strength in recruitment and investments in state-of-the-art technology positions the hospital well into the future. “Hosting all of our surgical services at Penn Highlands Elk, especially as we grow, will enable us to operate more efficiently and to provide a greater array of services for our patients,” said Dr. Brett Karlik, Ophthalmologist.

Pain management specialist Dr. Timothy Vollmer added, “Quality and patient Safety is always our greatest focus, and offering procedures at one location will help us continue to ensure the best safety outcomes to our patients.”

The surgery center building will continue to be maintained as the Health System considers the next steps for that facility.

Patients may visit for more information about services offered at Penn Highlands Elk.