Comprehensive and Compassionate Care For Breast Cancer Patients

Breast Cancer Care

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with breast cancer, you may be wondering if you need to travel far from home for the latest in breast cancer care. But there’s no need. That’s because Penn Highlands Healthcare offers exceptional breast cancer care right here in Central Pennsylvania. And it all starts with our advanced mammogram screening technology.

Breast Cancer Screening

Mammogram screening is the most often used test for detecting breast cancer early in its most treatable stages. At Penn Highlands, we offer traditional 2-D mammography for routine screenings for women at average risk of developing breast cancer. This screening is available at all five of our hospital locations as well as the Moshannon Valley Community Medical Building. Penn Highlands DuBois, Penn Highlands Elk and Penn Highlands Huntingdon also offer 3-D mammogram screenings for women at high risk for breast cancer and those who have dense breasts. This technology takes images of the breasts from many different angles, making the test results clearer and easier to read. Three-dimensional mammography, also called tomosynthesis, will be available soon at all Penn Highlands locations, so please call to find the location closest to your home.

To schedule a mammogram breast cancer screening, call the center most convenient for you:

  • PH Brookville: 814-849-1880
  • PH Clearfield: 814-768-2276
  • PH DuBois: 814-375-4636
  • PH Elk: 814- 788-8844
  • Moshannon Valley Community Medical Building: 814-768-2276
  • PH Huntingdon: 814-643-8624

Diagnosing Breast Cancer

At Penn Highlands, we have a dedicated breast radiologist whose sole focus and expertise is mammography. If your mammogram screening is abnormal, we’ll call you back — often the same day — for a breast ultrasound. This test helps our radiologists determine if an abnormality is a concern and also helps them classify breast lesions and abnormal tissue.

If breast cancer is suspected, our breast radiologist will perform a stereotactic breast biopsy to obtain a sample of tissue from your breast that will be tested for cancer in our lab. This minimally invasive procedure is performed under local anesthesia in less than an hour. Stereotactic breast biopsy hurts less, leaves less scarring, and offers quicker results than traditional surgical biopsy.

Breast Cancer Treatment at Penn Highlands

If cancer is detected, you’ll be referred to a medical oncologist right away. This expert cancer doctor will explain your treatment options and create an individualized breast cancer care plan.

Breast cancer care plans often include surgery, whether a lumpectomy to remove only the tumor or mastectomy to remove the entire breast. At Penn Highlands, we have a surgeon on staff who is dedicated to treating breast cancer.

If your physician recommends surgery, you likely will also have radiation therapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, targeted therapy, or some combination. Sometimes radiation is the only treatment necessary for early-stage breast cancers. In any event, you’ll never need to leave Central Pennsylvania for your breast cancer care.


Breast Cancer Awareness and Education