Training Tomorrow’s Psychiatry Physicians

Thank you for your interest in our program! As a psychiatry residency program set in central Pennsylvania, we offer an excellent setting for residents who wish to train with an emphasis in rural and community psychiatry. Other than our main hospital in DuBois, we offer a variety of clinical training opportunities throughout our various clinics and hospitals in Brookville, Altoona, and Clearfield. We are so rapidly expanding to build a state-of-art 126 bed behavioral health hospital, which is set to be completed in early 2022. We offer a broad range of training opportunities, both clinical and research-based, and we are committed to teaching evidence-based medicine all with a strong emphasis in psychotherapy. Our faculty are accessible and have a passion for not only psychiatry, but for educating as well. We are excited to train the next generation of psychiatrists, and we look forward to talking with you very soon.

Syed Raza, MD
Director, GME Psychiatry Program

Psychiatry Residency Program

Here at Penn Highlands our Psychiatry Residency Program offers a one-to-one experience with the attending physician. We offer specialized inpatient and outpatient programs for children and adolescents, adults and for the geriatric population.

We see patients from a diverse population with varied diagnoses. Our Psychiatry Residents Program is supported by Lecomt and is ACGME accredited. You will also have the unique opportunity to influence the building of a new program. Penn Highlands is also HRS approved.

How does the Residency Program Work?

Penn Highlands Residency Program is a four year program. Each year we will be accepting four new Psychiatry Residents for a full complement of 16 residents. Residents will be working one-to-one with an attending physician on each rotation to evaluate and formulate treatment plans for observed patients. Penn Highlands offers a variety of setting for the inpatient and outpatient care of behavioral health patients for a well round and robust rotation experience.

Apply for the Psychiatry Residency Program

Candidates can apply through the Electronic Residency Application Service, ERAS. All positions must be filled through the match. Post-match positions (as available) will be filled directly through the office of Graduate Medical Education.

Contact us if you have any questions.

News at Training Tomorrow’s Psychiatry Physicians

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