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Academic & Educational Experiences

Introduction Workshops:

These introduction workshops will be held in the first weeks of your training. Some of the topics covered include sports ultrasound, OMT, office procedures, and basic casting and splinting. All of these workshops are required.

Journal Club:

Journal club sessions are required through the year and will occur twice monthly during Friday didactic conferences. The goal of the journal club is to become able to critically analyze medical literature for its quality, strength of evidence, and impact on practice. These sessions will be assigned by the director. Each fellow will be required to select an appropriate journal club article from recent literature. This article must be approved by one of the core faculty or director. Please select articles that are recent (less than six months old).

Weekly Conference/Grand Rounds:

Weekly teaching conferences will be required and will focus primarily on core topics represented in the Certification of Added Qualifications in Sports Medicine. These sessions will require advanced reading and will be presented by a faculty member in a question and answer format to lead discussions regarding the topics for that session. There will also be diagnosis, management, and treatment conferences presented by the fellows throughout the year. These conferences will focus on a case seen by the fellow and will include an evidence based review of 2-3 questions encountered about the diagnosis, management, or treatment of the case. Fellows will work with a faculty mentor for all presentations, and the faculty member must approve all presentations one week prior to presentation date.

Conferences/Travel Policy:

National conferences are valuable educationally and are a required portion of the fellowship. Each fellow is required to attend the ACSM or AMSSM annual meeting. Other conferences are optional and include ACSM/AMSSM advanced team course, AAFP meetings, and the AMSSM research conference. Fellows have 20 days for the year to include vacation, interviews, and conferences. All days off must be approved by the program director. A travel request form and an application for leave must be completed and given to the program coordinator no less than six weeks prior to your planned leave. Fellows will not get reimbursed if the travel request hasn't been approved prior to any business leave. For any reimbursed expenses, fellows must fill out a travel reimbursement form and give it to the program coordinator within 60 days of return from the conference.

Scholarly Activity:

Each fellow will be required to complete one scholarly activity on a topic of choice approved by the program director. Submission for publication is expected for this assignment. Fellows will be asked to contribute to other publication opportunities as they arise. These must be approved by the program director.

Sports Ultrasound: (Utilize the AMSSM US material/workshop)

Sports Ultrasound and didactic sessions will occur throughout the year based on a preset curriculum. Fellows will be given these dates/times, and all sessions are required. The sessions will be held at the Crane unless notified otherwise. They will focus on specific anatomic areas. Refer to the Sports US curriculum for specific guidelines regarding Sports US requirements.


A brief introduction to OMT will be presented during the first weeks of the fellowship. Fellows will be given these dates/times, and all sessions are required. Fellows will be encouraged to integrate OMT into the clinical practice when applicable. Attendance at the one monthly OMT teaching session during the Family Medicine Residency didactics is mandatory.

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